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Younger Deer Frolics In The Sprinkler With ChildrenBefore Tragedy Strikes

Well, if this isn’t just too cute! Check out the moment a deer decided to join in the sprinkler shenanigans with some children.

Mom Brandy Bright captured the fun as she watched three of her kids and the deer enjoying some time in the sprinkler on their Florida homestead. With the beautiful day of blue skies and green grass serving as a backdrop, Brandy couldn’t resist sharing this wholesome moment of her children living in harmony with nature.

TikTok users agreed this video was everything, viewing the post more than six million times and smashing the like button 761.4k times!


How EnDEERing!

Brandy watched from the shade of her home’s porch as the kids and a deer delighted in the sprinkler. But this wasn’t just some chance encounter. The Bright family is proud to call Montana the deer one of their dearest friends.


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And it was more than just the occasional fun the family had with Montana. This tender-hearted guy quickly became part of their family, always at their side as they roamed the land and did the chores. Montana also didn’t mind sauntering into the house or sharing a snack with his humans!

But as much love as Montana had for the whole family, he had an extra special bond with one of his adopted human siblings. Sister Anya ruled Montana’s heart.


Brandy credits Anya with attracting Montana to the family, sharing on Instagram, “Animals are just drawn to Anya. It’s the sweetest thing.”


Their sweet friendship led to the cute video of fun in the sprinkler, and we couldn’t be more grateful to witness the purity of the moment!


But sadly, the good moments with Montana were fleeting.

Their Time With Montana Proved Short

The Bright family had only a short time with Montana as just a few months after this adorable video was filmed, poor Montana passed away after a tragic incident. But this moment in the sun will always remind the Brights, and all of us, to treasure the small joys as they are the ones that mean the most.

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Feature Image: @bbrightcle/TikTok

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