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Yard insurance coverage – your questions answered *Promotion*

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    Home insurance is one of life’s little essentials, but do horse owners have the same consideration for their horse’s homes? Whether you have two stables at home in the garden, a small yard with a few friendly DIYs or you’re running a commercial yard, questions as to what level of insurance you should have will arise. Specialist equestrian insurance brokers Shearwater Insurance share their advice on what essential insurance cover could look like.

    Are my stables and contents not automatically covered under my household insurance?

    Equestrian properties are a niche market and require specific cover to ensure all aspects are protected. A standard household policy is not designed for the non-standard nature of an equestrian property and therefore tends only to offer limited protection.

    Equestrian policy wording is tailored and designed to consider that the horses are the main residents of the property. You should also bear in mind that many household insurers will not cover you for all your equestrian equipment. In the event of items such as showjumps, feed, hay, bedding, and tack being damaged or stolen, the financial consequences could be disastrous if adequate cover is not held – not to mention the inconvenience of replacing those items. By using a specific equestrian insurer you can have peace of mind that all your valuable possessions are protected.

    Does having liveries require different insurance?

    Whether you are running a commercial venture or it is as simple as having a few friends on livery to help with running costs, the material damage cover does not differ – the buildings themselves and their content remains the same. However, insuring your equestrian property as a livery yard can offer additional benefits, including money cover and assault, and business interruption cover.

    The main difference between insuring stables for personal use and as a livery yard is liability. Many clients believe that having DIY liveries does not count as having a livery yard. However, if a horse escaped and caused third-party property damage because a gate was left open, who would be liable? Specialist livery yard liability insurance can cover you for such circumstances.

    Additionally, property owner’s liability is included with livery yard liability, which protects the yard owner should a member of the public be injured on your land, or in and around your buildings.

    Do I need employers liability insurance for a groom?

    Employers liability is a legal requirement if you employ anyone. Whether they are full-time, part-time or even temporary, any business that employs one or more members of staff is required to provide the safest possible working environment. Employers liability not only offers protection for your employees, but also protects your business and your own personal investment, be it time or financial, in that business.

    Should I have personal accident insurance for handling other people’s horses?

    A robust and effective policy is essential for anyone who rides or coaches for a living, as well as for freelance grooms who must mount up as part of their role. It’s important to note that while many governing bodies once provided personal accident coverage through their memberships, this has been largely phased out – so putting your own coverage in place should be your first order of business. Pair personal accident coverage with a public liability policy to make sure all parties are cared for in the event of an incident.

    Ready to discuss your customisable and comprehensive insurance options? Call Shearwater Insurance to chat to an experienced advisor who understands the unique requirements of your equestrian business. or 01992 718666

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