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Peregrine falcon “Charlie” at work at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, Feb 2009 (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

5 September 2022

It’s Labor Day. Let’s honor working birds.

Pictured above is a bird at work in 2009, a peregrine falcon named Charlie whose job was to clear birds from the airfield at Ramstein Air Base, Germany. Charlie’s work made it safe for flights to take off and land at Ramstein, located on the map below.

Location of Ramstein AB, Germany, embedded from Google Maps

Charlie’s full crop indicates that he’d already done his job that day but he was looking around anyway, just in case some birds came back.

p.s. See more photos when Ramstein AB celebrated its falcon workers on Earth Day 2018.

(photo from Wikimedia Commons, map embedded from Google Maps)

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