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Woman Remoted With Anxiousness And Melancholy Meets Her Spirit Animal

Carly met Maya at an animal shelter where the poor dog looked defeated. Carly a 19-year-old college student, was at a point in her life where she felt isolated and in over her head. Meeting a dog who was also in need of a friend was fate.

Carly was suffering from anxiety and depression and was considering moving back home. Maya entered her life at the perfect time.

Screenshot via YouTube

Once Carly adopted Maya, it was apparent that Maya had a hard life. She didn’t trust people one bit. But Carly was special—Maya understood that her new mom was meant to be in her life. Carly explains in the video that Maya is her soulmate. The two beings are “one and the same.” It’s incredibly touching.

Screenshot via YouTube

Maya hated being in the shelter—and felt like giving up. Little did she know, her perfect human was about to enter her life! We are so grateful that these two found one another. Thank you Carly for giving Maya the life she deserves.

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