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Well-known Man Brings House Piglets And Llama To His Pack Of Rescue Canines

A pregnant pig was rescued just in time so she could give birth in a safe place. She soon had five beautiful, healthy piggies while her foster mom, Maddie, stayed by her side for moral support. The piglets were loved the moment they came into the world.

Maddie’s good friend, Lee, with The Asher House, mentioned that he would love to adopt a piglet for his new sanctuary in Oregon. Maddie was totally on board.

Screenshot via YouTube

The piglets had some growing up to do and needed time with their mama before going to Lee. One piglet caught Lee’s eye, but Maddie was already getting attached. She soon realized that the piglet belonged with Lee, as well as a littermate. She named the pigs Ted and David.

Maddie went to a live auction a few days later and there was a llama who needed a home as well so she sent a text to Lee. Lee wanted the llama too! Maddie was going to have quite the road trip bringing two piglets and a llama all the way from San Francisco to Oregon but she never shied away from an adventure.

Screenshot via YouTube

When Maddie and the pack arrived at the sanctuary, Lee could hardly contain himself. Franky the llama, Ted, and David were unloaded from the truck and welcomed into their new home. As they adjusted, they were adopted into Lee’s pack of rescue dogs. The hoard is too cute to miss. Thank you to all the folks who gave these deserving animals a wonderful life!

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