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Violent Canine Led Into Shelter’s Meet-And-Greet Room, Danger Taker Hunkered Down

A dog named Brutus was surrendered to the shelter for being “too aggressive.” His original owners left a note that explained their decision. They said the following:

“We’ve decided to surrender Brutus. His behavior is uncontrollable and we do not feel safe in the house with him. We don’t take this decision lightly, but last night was awful and we cannot do this any longer.”

Lee, from The Asher House, was called in to see if he would foster Brutus. Lee waited to meet the dog, not knowing what to expect. Lee was told that Brutus was even more aggressive with men. This meet-up could be a disaster. The door opened and Lee braced himself.

Screenshot via YouTube

Brutus came into the room and Lee studied his demeanor. Being that he’s thoroughly experienced with dogs of all types, he went with his gut and opened his arms to Brutus. The dog immediately let Lee give him a snuggle. Brutus then licked his face. It was love at first sight. Lee was so confused. Why was this dog surrendered? He was not only well-behaved but he was extremely friendly and sweet. It was strange for sure!

Screenshot via YouTube

Lee jumped at the opportunity to foster Brutus. He knew in his heart that this dog would fit right in. He introduced Brutus to his dog Kai. Kai wasn’t so sure but he had a reputation for being a little judgy. HAHA!

Once back at The Asher House, Brutus settled right in. Lee was amazed how quickly he adjusted. The story just keeps getting better and has a surprise happy ending you can’t miss. Thank you, Lee and The Asher House for all you do!

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