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Uncover tips on how to be a assured, optimistic rider with this new on-line course

  • Horse & Hound is proud to launch a new online learning course, on how to be a confident, positive rider.

    The course will bring you the best advice from the world’s top riders and expert coaches, to help you enjoy your riding more, enhance your performance, confidence and positivity to achieve your riding goals. Whether you are new to riding or have had a fall that has knocked your confidence, this course can help you make small changes to take your riding to a new level.

    The course comprises four modules, designed to be engaging and informative, based around building your confidence, and can be bought for £16.99. If you don’t want to commit to the full course, or are only interested in one of the modules, these can also be bought individually for £4.99 each.

    The modules included are:

    Developing a confident and competitive mindset

    So much of being a good rider is about having the right amount of confidence, which will in turn help your horse’s confidence. Meanwhile, having the right mindset is key to achieving any goals. In this 10-minute module, you will learn practical techniques to help you tap into a competitive mindset, as well as expert advice to help you build the confidence you need as a rider.

    Using positive psychology to make you a better rider

    How we feel inevitably influences how we think, act and behave. If we can influence our thinking, we can change our outcomes for the better. In this 10-minute module, you will learn six ways in which positive psychology can ultimately improve your riding.

    Performance top tips from the experts

    To achieve your goals, first you need to decide what they are, make your plan and stick to it. In this 10-minute module we help you do just that, along with revealing 10 things top riders do – or rather don’t do – to stop you from holding yourself back.

    Combating negative thoughts

    Take control of how you think by learning the skills to banish negative thoughts and instead focus on the controllables. Identify what is worrying you and halting your progress, and learn how to move on from that. This 10-minute module also focuses specifically on coming back from a fall carefully and with confidence.

    The course is based on our purpose-built learning platform Discover. Discover has been developed solely with learning in mind to make it as simple and easy as possible for you to learn new skills so you can enjoy your passion.

    Sign up to the confident rider course today!

    “We report great successes in Horse & Hound magazine and on on a weekly and daily basis, and are fascinated by what it is that sets those riders apart,” said H&H editor-in-chief Sarah Jenkins. “Doubtless the help many have received from sports psychologists who understand their discipline gives winners the edge, and it is fantastic to be able to bring just some of those secrets of their success to more riders with this new online course.

    “Not all of us want to be world-beaters, or even local winners, we just want to be able to have the confidence and skill to enjoy our horses and our riding. I’ve witnessed so many riders unable to make the most of their hobby simply through lack of confidence, and again here I hope this course can really change that experience for the better, giving every rider the advice they need to change their mindset and crack on with enjoying their riding and their horse.”

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