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Turkeys Maintain The Line To Referee When Two Little Canine Go At It

A kind-hearted gal named Mia runs Seggond Chance Farm, a chicken and turkey sanctuary in Pennsylvania. She decided to adopt a small dog to add to her clan. She had no idea what she was in for! How much chaos can one little dog cause?

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After Mia made her decision, she drove to her local Humane Society and fell in love with Henry who was considered a hard-to-place case. The little dog didn’t do well around men. Mia was happy to bring Henry home with her. What ensued is both heartwarming and hilarious!

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Henry adjusted to his new home but in his own way. His new fowl friends had no idea what to make of this little terror that chased them around. He never meant any ill intent, but man, did he drive them crazy! But thankfully, as time went on, the birds understood that this little spitfire just wanted to play.

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Mia explains that the turkeys are the peacemakers. When they initially witnessed Henry roughhousing with another pup, they stood in a line like little referees. They just wanted the dogs to get along. But the intelligent birds soon understood that the dogs were merely having some fun and adjusted accordingly. In fact, the turkeys are completely mesmerized when they watch Henry being a dog.

Screenshot via YouTube

Mia’s organization does incredible things for the animals she takes in as well as for the community. We are blown away by her generosity and animal-loving heart. Mia’s mom is her inspiration. Who is yours?

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