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Tiny Toddler Sneaks In To Kiss Mama Canine And Her Valuable Puppies Goodnight

When it comes to kids and canines, you never quite know what to expect. Some kids struggle with being gentle, while others are the epitome of easygoing. Some canines can find tiny humans to be quite frightening, while others favor children over adults.

So when a toddler was captured on camera sneaking into a bedroom to kiss a mama dog and her new puppies goodnight, it almost instantly went viral. 


While young kids may mean well, or simply be extremely curious, they can have a tendency to (unintentionally) be a bit rough on our canine companions. But in the video that was captured of this tiny toddler, she acted with the utmost love and care.

Though, you must admit, that it’s extremely difficult not to love a Golden Retriever. They’re absolutely bursting with love, and their gentle, affectionate nature makes them an amazing dog for families of all shapes and sizes. Plus, they’re eager-to-please, trustworthy, and relatively easy to train. Not to mention that their lustrous golden coat is extremely easy on the eyes. They’re such beautiful dogs!

In the video, the small child wanders into the dark doggie nursery where Maggie the mama dog is laying comfortably with her puppies. The toddler immediately leans down, and plants a kiss on her dog’s head, while also petting one of her tiny pups. 

Then, after lingering for a little, she turns to leave and heads towards the door. But she realizes that she’s not quite ready to go yet. She spins around and heads back toward the dogs, so she can give them a little extra love.  She makes sure to give the new mama one more kiss goodnight, before she pets one of the tiny puppies. 

Check on mom

It’s obvious by the special space that was set-up for Maggie the Golden Retriever to birth and care for her newborn puppies that she’s incredibly loved. That, and the way her tiny housemate treats her. It’s quite likely that she has taken cues from her parents, and is learning exactly how to take care of and love her canine companion. 

She was so incredibly gentle with Maggie. (And I think we all know how kids can be when it comes to petting their pups.) What a sweet, special moment. We’re so glad that it was caught on camera so that we could share it with all of you.

You can check out the viral video, below.

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