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These 5 Particular Pups Want A Miracle

As the holidays approach, we ask you to remember our furriest friends when you open your heart this season.

Every week, iHeartDogs offers support to Waggle for five special pets. Waggle is a non-profit organization that allows families and rescues to crowdfund for their pets through trusted caregivers like veterinarians, surgeons, and specialists. They verify every candidate to ensure that each campaign is for a pet in legitimate need. We love Waggle because they pay care bills directly, and any extra funds are rolled over for the care of other ill or injured pets.

These five pets are real Waggle recipients who are in need right now, hoping for an angel to help them through tough times. Can you help us reach our funding goals for these sweet faces?


Opal was one of nine dogs found living in horrendous conditions inside a home after their owner died. The sweet Dachshund is in hideous shape and excruciating pain! Her lower jaw is fractured, her teeth are rotting, and she has mammary tumors. Now Opal needs emergency medical care to change her life.

“Can you imagine trying to eat with a rotting and fractured mouth? She needs multiple surgeries to survive, and we need your help,” Leslie H., with Tennessee Dachshund Rescue, which saved Opal, tells Waggle. Leslie says despite Opal’s past, she seems determined to live.

“She is the kindest, most loving little Dachshund and deserves to live out her dog’s years pain-free with a family that loves her,” Leslie says. “Please consider donating towards her surgeries and ongoing medical care. Donations have been down for our rescue for a long time, and these happy endings wouldn’t be possible without your support.”

Click here to support Opal.


When you look into Walker’s kind eyes, it’s hard to believe someone shot him. A kind couple discovered the pup walking along a road. They were shocked at how emaciated he was. Then they noticed he could barely move, was in severe pain, and had an injured leg.

They brought him to a local animal control facility where Walker was in danger of being euthanized. That’s when the group Friends of Cordele Animal Shelter rescued him. “Our priority was getting Walker to the hospital,” Andrea W., with the group, tells Waggle. “His femur was shattered into tiny pieces. The only way for this good boy to live comfortably again for the rest of his doggy years was to amputate his leg. We knew this otherwise healthy, sweet, 6-month-old pup would easily adjust.”

Once the group can raise the money for Walker to get his surgery, the wonderful couple who saved him want to adopt him! So he’s got a loving forever home waiting for him after the terrible trauma he endured.

Please give to help Walker start his healing journey.

Click here to support Walker.


The Pug had a gigantic mass protruding from her backside, and you could see every rib in her emaciated body. She showed up on someone’s porch in a rural area when it was 30 degrees out. “The post said, ‘Please help! She is 100% starving,’” Heather A., with One By One Animal Advocates, tells Waggle.

In a flash, a volunteer from the nonprofit group got Olive to the animal hospital, where a veterinarian found Olive’s bladder had prolapsed. Now she needs a surgery called cystopexy — to attach her bladder to her abdominal wall so it doesn’t move again. “When Olive needed her family the most in her elderly years, they abandoned her,” Heather says. “Can you help us get Olive the emergency surgery she needs? Olive is so grateful to everyone for their ongoing love and support!”

Click here to support Olive.


First, a car going more than 70 miles per hour struck Monroe. “It tossed his body like a rag doll,” Heather A., with One By One Animal Advocates, tells Waggle. “The driver never slowed down, leaving Monroe’s lifeless body to be hit again and possibly killed.” A good Samaritan spotted Monroe, scooped him up, and raced him to an animal hospital. It was a miracle he survived! But without someone to pay for his care, he faced being euthanized.

That’s when One By One got a phone call they’ll never forget. “The ER said Monroe’s pelvis, hind legs, and a joint were all broken. He had severe bruising in his lungs and was in excruciating pain,” Heather says. Monroe needed several expensive surgeries to save him, and One By One had a tough decision: can they afford his care? That’s when Monroe got another miracle. A renowned orthopedic veterinarian offered to do all Monroe’s surgeries and rehab at cost — without making any money.

Now the nonprofit group is hoping for one last miracle: to raise the money to pay for Monroe’s care. “We are tired and emotional messes after thinking we may have to euthanize Monroe, only for this angel to open his arms, heart, and veterinary practice,” Heather says. “Monroe is worth every penny!” Please give so Monroe can get this last miracle he needs.

Click here to help Monroe.

Maggie May

When Critical Care for Animal Angels initially saved Maggie, they wondered what terrible things must have happened in her past. She arrived scared to death and with a belly full of puppies. Though her puppies got homes quickly, it took several years for the right home to come along for Maggie. “She needed a single woman to love, protect, and keep her safe,” Regenia B., with the rescue, tells Waggle. “Maggie is very leery of strangers and protective of the people she loves.” But then, one day, like a miracle, Maggie’s person came along!

“Maggie was finally adopted and is adored. She loves to go on car rides and new adventures. She was very active until she injured her back leg out playing,” Regenia says. Now poor Maggie limps in pain. She needs surgery to repair a ligament in her leg, but Maggie’s human mom can’t afford it. “Maggie’s adopter has had some serious medical bills that cost her a lot of money and time at work,” Regenia says. “We try to help our adopters when they need it, but all rescues are struggling this year. Our goal is to keep Maggie with her mother and assist in her needs.” Please help Maggie get the surgery she needs!

Click here to help Maggie May.

Every little donation makes a difference in the life of these pets – and any extra will go to other pets in Waggle’s network! Please share this post with your friends and family to help us get the word out!

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