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The 5 BEST Heated Chicken Baths To Strive This Winter (2022)

Below you are going to find a list of some of the BEST heated bird baths that are available to purchase online.


But before we dive in, I want to first talk about three things you should consider when shopping for a new heated birdbath:


1. Price

And because the cost is important to so many people, I have organized the bird bath reviews below by price. (Click each link to jump to that section!)


2. Thermostat Controlled

Many heated bird baths only turn on when the temperature drops below freezing, which helps save electricity. I feel it’s important to mention that heated bird baths don’t require much electricity to run, typically just pennies per day. So please don’t worry about your electric bill increasing because of this purchase!


3. Style

In general, when considering the best heated bird baths, there are three different styles you can choose.

  • Classic: This is your traditional bird bath look and typically features a water basin supported by a pedestal.


  • Deck-mounted: These bird baths attach directly to your deck railing. They are accessible during the winter months since they are typically placed near your back door. They also provide excellent views of the birds while they use the bath.


  • Ground: Probably the best choice if you want other animals to be able to drink (squirrels, deer, etc.). Also, drinking and bathing from the ground are where birds feel most comfortable.


*For more in-depth information about what you should look for when buying a bird bath, check out this article.*



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WARNING: This is NOT a bird bath.


The reason that I included this external de-icer is simple. It can be placed inside the basin of any non-heated bird bath to heat the water instantly.


With a de-icer, you can make ANY bath a heated bird bath. Then once the weather gets warmer, you can pack up the de-icer and store it until next winter!


This specific de-icer from K&H Pet Products has the following features: 


  • Maintains open water up to -20 degrees F.
  • Thermostatically controlled and uses only 50 watts. The heater kicks on at around 34 degrees.
  • It can be spray painted any color to match your bird bath.
  • It will not rust, leave stains, or calcify.



deck mounted heated bird bath

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Since heated birdbaths that attach to your deck are typically close to your home, they offer extraordinary views of birds drinking and bathing.


This specific bath made by Allied Precision Industries provides many benefits (listed below!) for the inexpensive price of under $75.


  • Constructed of plastic, so it’s not going to shatter when it freezes or falls.
  • Includes a mounting bracket that also features a hinge, which makes the bath easy to tip to the side to empty old water.
  • The power cord can be stored underneath the basin and out of sight during warmer months.
  • Maintains open water up to -20 degrees F and utilizes a 150-watt heater.



heated ground bird bath

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As far as functionality is concerned, a heated ground bird bath may be the best option.


Here’s why:


  • Birds feel the most comfortable drinking and bathing from the ground because this is how they do it in their natural environment.
  • Ground baths are easy to clean and move around your yard.
  • They provide water to animals other than just birds, such as deer, squirrels, raccoons, etc.


This 70-watt heated ground bird bath should function effectively and will keep open water even on the coldest nights.


The entire bath is coated in rough plastic so birds don’t slip when they land and can comfortably perch on the sides. Many users LOVE this feature, but unfortunately, many people have also complained this coating starts to peel and come apart after a while.

Check out this heated bath in action!


This bird bath. It has been a popular spot for many different birds and mammals, but I thought this hawk coming down for a drink was the best!


best heated bird baths

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This is one of the best-heated bird baths available, especially if you want an inexpensive price and aren’t overly concerned with aesthetics. Not that this bird bath from Allied Precision Industries looks bad, but the pedestal is a simple design, featuring a basic metal stand that supports the heated basin.


Here are some other notable features:

  • Thermostatically controlled (150 watts of power) that should keep the water between 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The bowl has a textured surface and rim that is specially designed to help birds talons grasp and land.
  •  The bowl can be disconnected from the stand to mount directly on a deck.


best heated birdbath

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  • For the size, it is lightweight (under 10 pounds), which makes it easy to move and clean.
  • The top basin easily removes from the pedestal for cleaning.
  • A built-in extension cord runs up the middle of the pedestal.
  • Thermostatically controlled and the heater is 120 watts.
  • The design is intended to mimic the look of a typical concrete bird bath.
  • Farm Innovators includes a 3-year warranty on this heated birdbath! Please click here to read more details.


Do you need additional help trying to select a heated bird bath?


If so, try this article:



Why are heated bird baths important?


Providing fresh water all year in your backyard is one of the BEST ways to reliably attract birds, and you can reasonably expect a greater diversity of birds to visit a birdbath than your feeders.


This is because ALL birds need a place to drink and bathe, where only a certain number of species are considered “feeder” birds that will come to visit to eat your food.


Lastly, by supplying a heated open water source, you are helping birds survive. Birds expend a lot of energy in winter while looking for fresh water. As you can imagine, when the weather drops below freezing, it can become extremely hard to find water that isn’t frozen.


So there you have it:


Buying a heated bath is beneficial for both you and your backyard birds!


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