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The 20 Finest Sturdy Toys for Labs

Labs love their toys. And they love destroying them too! So when we asked our I Love My Lab Facebook community which toys, we got hundreds of responses. Below we’ll share a handful of the most popular suggestions on best toys for labs.

The 20 Top Toys for Labs, According to Real Lab Owners

He loves Chuck it balls. He never chews them up

Author: Donna B.

Likes: 9

My Lab loves his Kong frisbeeNerf frisbee

Author: Pamela Gabelmann V.

Likes: 5

Hurley by West Paw, or any of their other toys made with the same Zogoflex material. My Labs never managed to destroy a single one and they even float for games of water fetch.

Author: Gail Palmer H.

Likes: 3

Bought lots of toys for my lab Wrangler, 120 lbs, found the Jolly Egg & he loves it, non destructible, hrs of fun

Author: Carolyn W.

Likes: 4

Kong rope. It is the blue one. Only toy Buddy has not destroyed.

Author: Susan G.

Likes: 2

I would normally agree with most that say there is no such thing but…low compression trainer tennis balls will provide your dog a great challenge. My lab can navigate a regular tennis ball in minutes if not seconds…but he can’t pop these ones. After awhile when the felt starts ungluing he can peel the felt, but that takes awhile. Trust me…best balls ever!

Author: Troy L.

Likes: 1

My 4 Labradors chew on these, can’t choke on them, when they get rough from chewing we just rasp down the rough edges and give them back.

Author: Deborah A.

Likes: 0

Just got this guy for our lab who loves to chew her toys up. She also has a hedgehog version of this, that’s her favorite, but lost it somewhere outside, probably find it once the snow melts lol. Small enough that she can pick it up when playing fetch, but big enough that she can’t get her mouth around to chew it up.

Author: Larissa S.

Likes: 1

A Reindeer Antelope but they loose their flavour quick…trust me,I’ve tried them first. lol

Author: Simon H.

Likes: 3

My dog stay’s busy with her favorite chew.. an antler. She chew’s on it for hour’s. She fell asleep while chewing on it.

Author: John R.

Likes: 2

Jolly ball works very well. Your lab will get the rope out but the ball will last .

Author: Tyler P.

Likes: 1

Chuck it ball is fantastic too!!! Bran has two of these! They are much smaller but highly durable

Author: Avanti M.

Likes: 0

most of the kong toys. they are pretty durable

Author: Gabriella Vitrano B.

Likes: 2

As far a a ball (it does fit a Chuckit) Woof has held up wonderfully. Guinness, my lab would go through a tennis ball in 5 minutes. A Chuckit ball in 5 minutes, supposal tough tennis balls 5 minutes. Woof ball has lasted over a month and no damage.

Author: John W. Strahlman J.

Likes: 0

These are very good Beco Ball on a rope, good and eco product too, our Harley loves his.

Author: Marlon K.

Likes: 1

Mine destroyed every except the Kong tug toy. She flosses her teeth and played with it for over a year so far and hasn’t ‘killed’ it yet. All others are dead. Lol.

Author: Janette M.

Likes: 1

Ruff Dog makes several different types and styles sizes and it’s the only thing my lab has not destroyed.. they also float

Author: Liz F.

Likes: 2

The best frisbee ever. Not able to be destructed. Aerobie Dogobie

Author: Rosemarie McCahill K.

Likes: 1

Our boy has 3 of these and he loves them. They are about the size of a soccer ball.

Author: Misty Chambers Y.

Likes: 0

Nyla bones!! JW holee toys have held up the best for our power chewers.

Author: Kristin Baker K.

Likes: 2

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