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The 20 Finest Sturdy Toys for Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas love their toys. And they love destroying them too! So when we asked our I Love My Chihuahua Facebook community which toys, we got hundreds of responses. Below we’ll share a handful of the most popular suggestions on best toys for chihuahuas.

The 20 Top Toys for Chihuahuas, According to Real Chihuahua Owners

My chi’s fav toy is those squeeky stuffed lambs. He is on his 3rd. He loves to silence all of the lambs, should have called him Hannibal.

Author: Jennie H.

Likes: 1

Mine is really small. So tiny Kong. Anything the Size of mcdonald mini beanie baby really.

Author: Monica J.

Likes: 0

My Chis love the small stuffed toys but I have one boy who loves to chew them up to get the squeaker out. Have to try and watch him when a new toy comes into the house. I get them the sweet potato dum dums to eat and chew, they love them.

Author: Brenda Andlinger M.

Likes: 1

Mia loves this tiger…We call him Mr. BIG HEAD….he had ears but, they got torn!! He has a tail squeaker & his head is a squeaker…she can totally squish his head!! She loves it and she beats it up pretty good!! The thing she loves the most!!

Author: Linda Lee E.

Likes: 0

Kongs. They’re practically indestructible… I had a rat terrier boxer mix(granted this is a bigger dog) but she had one that lasted over 10 years.

Author: Shereen G.

Likes: 0

This is my girl’s toy. We originally got it for our cat but our little Runt Chihuahua absolutely loves it. It is bigger than her but she drags it everywhere with her anyway. Lol. It’s her “bunny”

Author: Evie L.

Likes: 5

Little tykes baseballs. Plastic, light weight and fun.

Author: Susan K.

Likes: 0

My Foxy loves his octopus made of soft baby wool with rattle inside . I bought this 53 years ago for my first born , it survived 4 kids, six dogs, numerous washings, the odd time of stitching up a small hole and still going strong. Lol

Author: Henderiena G.

Likes: 6

Take fleece, cut it in 1” strips about 14” long. Braid it, you’ll need about 6 of these. Put them all together and tie a knot in the middle. It makes a great “Flappy Toy” for little dogs that if have more than one they also can play tug with it!

Author: Kathryn D.

Likes: 0

LeiLei wants nothing to do with any of her toys except Black Dog bought at Black Dog on River Street in Savannah, Georgia. They are both 6 years old. Plus she has a yellow monkey she likes to play tug-of-war with sometimes. She is so picky about everything!

Author: Patricia F.

Likes: 0

I like the bark box toys. You can find them on Amazon. Somehow they seem to last forever

Author: Helen T.

Likes: 1

My Phoebe Lynn loves her stuffed Christmas tree !!! It’s the only toy she plays with!!

Author: Janet S.

Likes: 1

Fuzzy puff balls! She loves to throw them.

Author: Kathy E.

Likes: 0

Chewy bone, says my pom/chi

Author: Pam F.

Likes: 0

Nyla bone. Bully toys.

Author: Julie C.

Likes: 0

I heard lamb chop is the toy this year

Author: Teal H.

Likes: 4

This puppy from Walmart is my 9 year old chi’s favorite toy. I buy them whenever I find them and keep one put away since my other dog is destructive.

Author: Kristy B.

Likes: 0

Hartz chewbone from Walmart.Bone shaped, white ends and green middle.

Author: Karen Finch J.

Likes: 8

My dogs love these. They are hard so last a very long time. They smell like bacon. I have found them at Walmart and Amazon. They have different sizes.

Author: Laura J.

Likes: 1

Lamb chop has lasted the longest

Author: Paula R.

Likes: 0

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