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STOKES BIRDING BLOG: Blissful Bluebirds!


Come along with me my love,

And we will roam the sky;

We’ll fly across the meadows,

And soar o’er mountains high.

We’ll drink of streams’ pure waters;

Chase butterflies and bees;

And when we tire of this, my love,

We’ll rest in shady trees.

Then we will search in earnest,

Each nook and cranny wide;

Where we can raise our family,

Together, side by side.

There it is, my dearest love,

Well, goodness! Bless my soul!

Just waiting there for us, dear one,

Our house upon a pole.

A kind and careful craftsman

Has built it strong and true;

DO enter into it, my love,

And I will follow you.

Katherine M. Braun

“Bluebird Honeymoon”

And from Henry David Thoreau, Journals–March 2, 1859

“Princes and magistrates are often styled serene, but what is their turbid serenity to that ethereal serenity which the bluebird embodies? His Most Serene Birdship! His soft warble melts in the ear, as the snow is melting in the valleys around. The bluebird comes and with his warble drills the ice and sets free the rivers and ponds and frozen ground. As the sand flows down the slopes a little way, assuming the forms of foliage where the frost comes out of the ground, so this little rill of melody flows a short way down the concave of the sky.”

When I wrote Stokes Bluebird Book: The Complete Guide to Attracting Bluebirds in 1991, I included some poetry and special quotes on bluebirds in an early chapter because bluebirds are one of the most beloved songbirds who inspire and enchant millions. Birds are so much more than just their colors, wing measurements, sounds, life history information; they’re winged spirits who touch our souls.

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