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Spouse Sneaks In Canine Whereas Husband’s At Work, Sends A Textual content “Look What I Did!”

A dog named Espy came from a hoarding situation. Her original owner was trying to breed them but couldn’t take care of them properly. Espy, along with 21 other dogs, was taken to Austin Animal Center, frightened out of their doggy minds. Morgan, a kind human, soon walked into the shelter and saw Espy. Despite Espy being fearful, Morgan felt an instant connection, especially when Espy came right to her and gave her a few kisses. Morgan’s next move is one for the books!

Screenshot via YouTube

Morgan decided to surprise her husband Allen with Espy. After she already brought Epsy home, she sent a text and told him there was a new pup waiting for him at home. Her words were, “Look what I did!” Thankfully, Allen was stoked! He couldn’t wait to get home and meet his new fur kid.

Screenshot via YouTube

Epsy was never inside a home before and needed to understand how everything works. Doorways were a bit of a challenge but being the smart doggy that she is, she mastered everything quickly. Espy has added so much love to her new family. She especially loves to play frisbee with Dad. But admittedly, she’s a total mama’s girl. All dogs deserve loving homes! We are grateful for people like Morgan and Allen who opened their hearts to this awesome dog.

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