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Socialization 101 – Dogster

The puppy of your dreams is home with you. Your buddy for leisurely walks, playing ball at the park and snuggling on the couch. But, reality check: There’s another side to your dreamy time together — your sweet, little ball of fur is more like the unhinged Tasmanian devil cartoon character. Puppies have a lot of energy! They need activity and guidance navigating their new world.

Socialization has always been an integral part of raising and training a dog, but during the pandemic, opportunities for socialization outside the home were limited, which didn’t bode well for the surge in puppy and young dog adoptions during that time.

As this group of “pandemic puppies” has grown, both veterinarians and dog trainers have seen an increase in dogs experiencing anxiety and exhibiting a host of other behavioral issues. The effects of limited socialization have made clear the benefits proper socialization offers beyond a fun playdate.