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Snowflake On the Job – Angel Canine Diary

Loba ran into Snowflake, the new patrol dog at Trust in Toff (TiT). They had plenty to share. A lot is the same, a lot has changed since Loba’s time.

Still, management has no clue or interest in the actual execution of real security services in the security company. “We have 5 managers for every employee, and I am the only one doing security patrol,” Snowflake explained. “Managers focus on their image, licking each other butts (literally), and their bonus system, which called Top Hat.”

What is better than before is that Snowflake is actually paid, and he works to a schedule with every other night off. He also has a lot of safety gear. Loba is impressed with Snowflake, “he knows his job,” she says.

“I had a lot of practice on Earth,” Snowflake explained. “I stayed behind with the security staff when my family travelled. I did thousands of patrols around my owner’s house on Earth.”

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