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Small Senior Canine Takes On Rattlesnake To Defend His People, And Wins

A couple went out for a hike in Pennington County, South Dakota with their 11-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, Bear. They encountered a rattlesnake along the trail. Bear did not hesitate to come between his humans and the venomous snake. The little dog was bitten while saving his people.


Image Devin Diede via KEVN

Dog Alerted to a Silent Rattlesnake on the Trail

Bear may be small in stature, but he is big on courage! Devin Diede and his wife, Alex were trekking along when suddenly Bear, their 11-year-old male Yorkshire Terrier, alerted them to major danger. Sitting silently, waiting to strike, was a rattlesnake!

Devin or Alex would have stepped on the snake themselves, but Bear’s warning stopped them cold in their tracks. During the brief, but terrifying encounter, the couple was unclear as to whether or not the snake struck Bear. 


Image Devin Diede via KEVN

Bear Was Bitten and Rushed to Nearest Vet

At first, Devin and Alex were not sure if Bear was bitten during his encounter with the snake. They did not immediately find any puncture wounds on him. However, after some time passed, they noticed that Bear was not putting any weight on one of his front legs. They rushed to the nearest vet to receive emergency care.


Bear Could Not Walk Upon Arrival at Vet Clinic

About an hour and a half had passed between the encounter with the snake and the family’s arrival at the vet clinic. By the time they got there, Bear could not walk at all. Of course, the couple feared for Bear’s health and remained hopeful that he could recover. 

“Thankfully, the veterinarians and technicians at the emergency animal clinic in Rapid City were wonderful,” Diede told KEVN. “The vet took him and immediately started a blood transfusion.” Bear stayed overnight at the emergency clinic.


Image Devin Diede via KEVN

The Tough Little Guy Made a Full Recovery

Bear was able to go home with his family after staying overnight for observation and continued care. Devin commented to KEVN that Bear is “a tough little guy and most definitely a hero. He didn’t yip or bark” during the attack. When Bear came home, he was acting as if nothing ever happened. “He’s doing surprisingly well,” Diede said. “He’s walking around just fine and as happy as could be.”

Hip hip hooray for Bear! We are so happy that his heroic efforts led to a happy ending for him and his human companions, too!


Featured Image Devin Diede via KEVN

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