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Shelter Takes In Pup Considering It’s A Child Fox, However Discover It’s “Not A Fox At All”

When “Hope For Wildlife” sanctuary workers received a weird-looking “fox cub,” they were left scratching their heads. The animal was strangely quiet and distinct from what baby foxes are generally like.

It didn’t take the workers long to realize their new guest was a rare, blonde raccoon–not a fox!


Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: CTV News via YouTube



A veterinarian assistant at the shelter discovered that this lovely raccoon had a very low melanin level in her skin and hair follicles. Although the animal isn’t an albino, owing to a lack of pigment, she appears blond and prevents the formation of the distinctive black mask pattern that raccoons are known for.


Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: CTV News via YouTube


This is only the second blonde raccoon that the sanctuary has seen in the past 21 years. No wonder the locals have been thrilled to have such a special raccoon in their midst!

The sanctuary plans on holding on to the raccoon till the winter months, and releasing her back into the wild when she is older and stronger.


Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: CTV News via YouTube



The sanctuary rehabilitates dozens of raccoons each year, but this charming beauty surely stands out. However, it is not a practically ideal situation for raccoons to be light-furred, as it makes them weaker and more vulnerable to diseases and predators.

We hope this cute little critter has a long and healthy life ahead of her!


Click the video below to watch how this super rare blonde raccoon caused quite the buzz!

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