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Rottweiler Pitbull Combine – 13 Full Canine Breed Info, Details & Well being Points

Two poochtastic Temperaments!  Pitbull vs Rottweiler

As befits its stocky demeanor, Pitbull is extremely courageous and very protective. While not naturally aggressive towards people; they can sense that something is wrong (always)!.

Meanwhile, the Rottweiler is a herder, loyal, and affectionate breed. Overall, your Pitbull-Rottweiler mix will be smart and intelligent while thrives on guarding its household or family members and generally is alert, affectionate, and devoted.

And that’s perhaps just because of the bizarre mixture of genes at work.

Their build is sturdy, Stocky, and well- proportionate. Rottweiler -Pitbull mix pup looks like he’s ready to pull a house! Imagine this guy dragging you around the quiet neighborhood!

Courageous, confident, caring, cheery, committed, censorious, charismatic, and comparatively non-aggressive (if trained properly).

Given how much Pits and Rotties love their owners, this Pitweiler probably never ventures more than 5 feet from his person. Well muscled bouncer dogs who can stand by your side through thick and thin? Sounds good to me!

When Rottie Pits are left alone too much or improperly socialized, they can get separation anxiety.

If they’re confronted with unfamiliar pets or persons and haven’t been taught how to conduct themselves, their guarding inclinations can result in barking, snapping, and even nipping.

Early socialization will also considerably help with them not getting into any conflicts with other animals or pets you have at home.

This is one smart doggo that knows how to set priorities.  He can be level-headed, loyal, and friendly towards his owners but when comes to the job, he is an active beau and will be always ‘on the lookout’ of his setting.

What’s more, is an excellent companion dog, this Spirited Lil’ Fellow is also recognized to be a tremendous working dog and has a lot of personalities and even more, love to give, as well as they are great dog for individuals and families.

For first time owners

Rottweiler- Pitbull mix is a good choice for first-time owners, thanks to their high intelligence levels with an added bonus being that they are ready to please their owners always.

Nevertheless, you must keep one thing in mind- it’s really important that you train your  Rottweiler – Pitbull Mix dog from a very young age, therefore tweaking his ability to genuflect to your standards and adopt more positive characteristics.

Moreover, these dogs will grow up they are known to be bodybuilders of the canine world with a whole lot of physical strength to them, which will make your training much more difficult.

However, their ‘parents pleasing package’ gene makes training easy….considering this – Rottie Pitties make good pets for novice owners.


  • Apartment Living – Yes
  • Good For First-Time Owners – Good
  • Sensitivity Level – High
  • Loneliness – Hates To Be Left Alone
  • Cold Weather – Average
  • Hot Weather – Average


  • With Family – High
  • With Kids – Good
  • With Other Dogs – Good (If Properly Trained)
  • With Cats – Good, If Raised Together
  • Strangers – Suspicious

General Behavior

  • Independence – Average
  • Dominance – High
  • Combativeness – Aggressive
  • Indoors – Active
  • Outdoor – Highly Active
  • Territorial – Yes
  • Easy Of Transportation – Good


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