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Ricki Lake’s New Addition Is Therapeutic Her Coronary heart After Devastating Loss

Back in April, Ricki Lake, Emmy-winning talk show host, actor, and filmmaker, documented and shared some of her journey surrounding her beloved best friend “Mama’s” unexpected diagnosis and eventual passing.

As so many devoted dog lovers know all too well, there never seems to be enough time with our furry best friends. They could live 50 or more years, and it still wouldn’t feel like enough.


Their love is unconditional, and their joy is so pure that their companionship brings healing, happiness, and a whole heck of a lot more. So when their lives are unexpectedly cut even shorter, it can feel even more heart-shattering.

Out of nowhere, the poor pup became unable to produce platelets and, thus, unable to clot her own blood. Plus, her immune system was attacking itself.

Ricki and Mama

Once in the ICU, Mama was officially diagnosed with ITP, an autoimmune disease. She remained in critical condition as she was treated with multiple medicines and blood transfusions, but not long after her diagnosis, the “special little spirit” simply slipped away. 

“I was her entire world and she was mine,” reflected Ricki in an Instagram Post.

It was extremely obvious by the photos she posted and the way she spoke about her canine companion that sweet Mama occupied a considerable portion of Ricki’s heart. But, as many of us animal lovers know extremely well, one of the most healing ways to process the grief of losing a beloved pet is to save the life of another. All the love you feel bubbling up inside you finally has somewhere to go, and you are able to shower a new soul with compassion and affection.


The fact that Ricki not only adopted another pup from the same shelter as Mama and that both beautiful pups were mothers, made it even more special. Just like Mama, “Dolly” was rescued from Dogs Without Borders, an LA-based non-profit dog rescue. She, too, was saved along with a litter of her puppies. 


Now, “Dolly Mama,” as she has already been nicknamed, is doing exactly what doggies do best and helping heal Ricki’s heart. 

“My heart is still broken from losing mama so quickly and so young, yet this little doll is the absolute perfect addition to our family. Any bad days she may have had in her short life, are over!  Welcome little Dolly Mama! We love you so much already,” gushed Ricki over the Internet.

Congratulations, Ricki, and welcome home, Dolly. You sure did hit the jackpot!


Featured Photo: Instagram

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