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Rescue Canine Tragically Electrocuted After Touching Gentle Pole

Walking around the neighborhood is a daily routine for most dogs. They can enjoy all the smells and get the exercise they need. Most dogs are safe in their own neighborhoods, but sadly, a Milwaukee man named Erich Gross soon learned that wasn’t always the case.

Within seconds, Gross’s rescue dog named Ted was electrocuted after touching a city light pole. The electric shock came out of nowhere, and it was too much for the little dog to handle. Now, Gross is sharing his story so other dog parents can avoid this fate.


Family Member’s Tragic Death

Gross adopted 4-year-old Ted from MADACC 3.5 years ago. He was brought to the organization as a puppy with a broken jaw, and MADACC helped nurse him back to health. Gross fell in love with the curly-coated dog, so he adopted him and named him Ted.

Ted quickly became a member of the family, and he joined Gross on walks around the neighborhood. He loved going on adventures, but he valued cuddling just as much. No one expected the beloved dog’s life to be cut short.

Curly-coated dog

On November 4th, Gross decided to take Ted for a walk shortly after it stopped raining. That’s when the tragedy occurred.

“As we crossed the street…Ted’s leash came in contact with the pole,” Gross said. “By the time I get near him, I get shocked. I’m jumping back, and I’m yelling, and I’m like freaking out – he’s freaking out, I’m freaking out.”

Gross said that neighbors rushed over to help when they heard the commotion.

Dog dies tragically

Warning Other Dog Lovers

Gross tried performing resuscitation on Ted as neighbors gathered to cheer the pup on. But sadly, it didn’t work. The shock had been too much for him, so he went limp in his human’s arms.

Milwaukee police officers arrived at the scene and took Gross to the hospital. He is doing fine, but he wants to raise awareness about his dog’s death. Gross said he never expected something like this to happen on a maintained city light pole.

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Milwaukee man adopting dog

“I definitely want to do something to raise awareness about these issues and find out what’s really going on – is this a just one time occurrence or is there something more going on with it?” said Gross.

According to the Department of Public Works, a malfunction occurred and technicians have since resolved the problem. They tested the pole for any concerns after, and none were found. However, it’s unclear how common these malfunctions are, so dog parents should be cautious when walking their furry friends.

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