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Rainbow Birds: BirdSpotter Individuals’s Alternative Winner

March 5, 2021

| Anna’s Hummingbird by Robert Hechler|

Our eighth and final BirdSpotter category of the 2020-2021 season finished up yesterday, March 4. In this final category, we asked participants to submit photos of colorful birds. We saw over 400 entries – the highest yet this season- of birds sporting all the colors of the rainbow. Without further ado, the People’s Choice winner for Category 8 is Robert Hechler! Robert snapped this Anna’s Hummingbird just as the light hit the feathers in its stunning gorget (throat patch). Robert goes on:

[This photo was] photographed during a study break at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC. I find birding to be an excellent way to clear my mind of any stresses brought on by school.

We agree that birding can be a relaxing hobby, and Anna’s Hummingbirds are great birds to watch! These tiny birds with bright pink gorgets are often seen at backyard feeders in the West. You can make homemade hummingbird food by dissolving one part sugar in four parts water. Be sure not to use honey, food coloring, or special/organic sugars – regular white granulated sugar is fine. Make sure to clean feeders every time you refill them to prevent mold and bacteria growth.

Submissions are now closed for BirdSpotter. Thank you to all who participated this season by entering a photo, or by voting! All 16 biweekly People’s Choice and Judges’ Choice winners will now vie for the top spots in the Grand Prize Contest starting next Monday, March 8. Winners receive prizes from the Cornell Lab and our sponsor, Wild Birds Unlimited. Anyone can participate by voting for their favorites and helping us crown the top three! Find out more about the BirdSpotter contest.

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