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Preserve your horse in prime situation with HorseHage *Promotion*

  • Promotional Feature with HorseHage

    HorseHage provides a consistent high-quality and dust-free range of forages for all horses and ponies.

    An introduction

    With the ability to retain so much of the nutritional value of fresh grass, HorseHage’s range helps to improve horses’ condition throughout the year. The dust-free and low-sugar nature of the products make them especially suitable for horses that have to be stabled for extended periods of time, as well as competition horses who are fed a high level of concentrates.

    Furthermore, when travelling horses over extended periods of time, a consistent source of forage is essential, to minimise disruption to their diets, and therefore performance.

    With zero chemical additives, mould inhibitors, flavourings, molasses and inoculants throughout the range, feeding HorseHage provides great peace of mind to horse owners.

    Five-star event rider Emily King is part of Team HorseHage

    What’s in the range

    HorseHage Ryegrass

    • The original HorseHage product, delivering consistent quality over the course of 40-plus years.
    • Cut from the same selection of ryegrasses as HorseHage High Fibre, but at a slightly earlier stage of growth, in order to provide optimum protein and energy levels.
    • Suitability: a great option for hunters, heavy horses, youngstock, and breeding stock, and those needing a bit more value from their forage, in order to improve weight and condition.
    • Provides a much greater proportion of equine nutritional requirements than other forages, allowing a more “natural” diet, helping to support your horse’s and pony’s digestive system, and saving money, too.

    HorseHage High Fibre

    • Made from selected ryegrasses which have been allowed to mature over time in order to achieve high-fibre and low-protein and energy levels before harvesting.
    • Suitability: riding club and Pony Club horses, native ponies, veterans, and those that are rehabbing or resting – also for competition horses being fed a high level of concentrates due to the high-fibre, low-protein combination.
    • Due to the low levels of sugar and starch, it is also suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis.

    HorseHage Timothy

    • Made from timothy grass, which has many similarities to the famous Kentucky bluegrass of America, and offers a different texture and aroma.
    • Suitability: leisure horses and ponies, natives, veterans and horses on rest, it is also an excellent fibre source for competition horses being fed high levels of concentrates.
    • A very similar low-protein nutrient analysis as with HorseHage High Fibre – both carry the HoofKind logo to indicate their suitability for horses and ponies prone to laminitis.
    • Highly palatable and therefore useful for fussy feeders.

    HorseHage Alfalfa

    • Contains only alfalfa, which is a legume rather than a grass, but is produced using the same high-quality techniques as the other HorseHage varieties.
    • Alfalfa has higher levels of protein, digestible fibre, energy, calcium and vitamins than grass.
    • Has a high protein content with the optimum balance of amino acids, including lysine which is very important for growth, pregnancy and milk production.
    • Suitability: horses in hard work, breeding stock, poor-doers, veterans and show horses, due to the high nutrient level.

    For further information, visit or call 01803 527274.

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