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Pit Bull Missed In Shelter With “Damaged Coronary heart,” Would not Have Lengthy To Dwell

An unwanted Pit Bull named Ava was stuck in a shelter and didn’t have long to live. Her heart was “defective” because it didn’t pump properly.

A woman thankfully saw Ava’s photo online. The kind lady couldn’t fathom leaving Ava in that situation and contemplated going to get her. This loving notion was about to change the Pittie’s life forever.

Screenshot via YouTube

Before Ava arrived at the rescue, she was found as a stray down south and no one knew her back story. The rescue group tried their best to sort Ava’s health out by paying to have a stent put in, but that was all they could do. The stent was a temporary solution. Ava needed a foster that understood her time on earth could be measured by days and not by years.

Screenshot via YouTube

The woman who saw the post online decided she had to meet Ava in person and see if she could bring her home. The meet-and-greet was a total success and Ava soon joined her loving family. The woman already had a few fosters and one “permanent” doggy resident. As time went on, however, the woman couldn’t let Ava go. She fit right in and her sweet, affectionate demeanor led to a foster fail.

The dog with the “broken heart” is now living her best life because of her new home (that is chock full of everything she’s ever needed and wanted!). Her story continues and is beyond beautiful. See for yourself in the video below!

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