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Pit Bull Develops New Behavior When His Child Sister Fusses

Nova, an adorable Pit Bull, was adopted into a loving family. His parents couldn’t get enough of his playful antics. Nova has a smaller puppy brother named Teddy, who he treats like gold. If Teddy doesn’t feel like playing, Nova “annoys” him in a sweet, gentle manner. Nova’s parents were confident that he’d make an excellent big brother to a human sibling as well.


Source: The Dodo/YouTube Screenshot


Nova’s mama became pregnant 10 months after adopting Nova. The loyal Pittie loved to lay his head right on her tummy. He had to be in bed with his parents all the time to protect Mom’s belly. He knew something special was growing inside. The always affectionate dog became even more so. His mom was astonished.


Source: The Dodo/YouTube Screenshot


When baby Liliana was born, and her parents brought her home, Nova was right there sniffing her little face. He quickly understood that this little girl was now the center of the family. To say Nova became attached to Lilian is a vast understatement. The Pittie then surprises his parents again! When Liliana began to fuss, Nova developed a new “habit.” This routine can’t be missed. Thank you to The Dodo for sharing this adorable story with us all! Scroll down to check out this heartwarming tale.

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