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Pet Touches Mama’s Finger With Tiny Paw To Inform Her How A lot He Loves Her

The fluffiest puppy, named Louie, came into a loving family at the perfect time. His clever mom created the sweetest montage of Louie’s firsts. From his first “stair melt” to Louie’s first in-the-tub mohawk, Louie is celebrated every step of the way.

The video is so cute, we just had to share it!

Screenshot via YouTube

In the short heartwarming video, with a fitting song in the background, Louie learns what being loved is all about. His mom celebrates the first time he crawled into the dishwasher and decided it was the ideal place to take a nap. She records the first time they went to the store together and browsed all the doggy toys! And we can’t forget the cutest part when Louie reaches out to his mom with his little paw and touches it to her finger. He tells her, in his own special way, that he loves her so much!

Screenshot via YouTube

The bond Louie shares with his brother is too sweet. Mom captures the two pups as they run off together and Louie lovingly wags his tail. He looks at his brother like he’s the best dog in the world. Nothing says “I love you” more than a video like this! Do you have photos of your dog’s firsts? If so, please share them in our comment section. And don’t forget to check out Louie in the video below.

Screenshot via YouTube

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