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Peregrine Banding this morning; Streaming Cam shall be off

Morela with three chicks (1 hidden behind her) 26 May 2022 (photo from the National Aviary snapshot camera at Univ of Pittsburgh)

26 May 2022

Pitt’s peregrine family is in for some excitement this morning when the chicks are banded around 10am. During the banding the National Aviary’s streaming falconcam will be off.

Peregrine banding is unusual now that the species has been removed from Pennsylvania’s Endangered/Threatened Species list in 2021. Fortunately the Cathedral of Learning is one of three sites that continue as part of the PA Game Commission’s Peregrine Falcon Management Plan.

Visits to the three high-profile building nests, University of Pittsburgh Cathedral of Learning in Pittsburgh, Rachel Carson State Office Building in Harrisburg, and City Hall in Philadelphia, will continue after delisting to evaluate nestling health and verify nesting results and band young. These sites already foster high public interest and provide an excellent opportunity to continue engaging the public. They learn about the challenges and successes when recovering an endangered species. As well as the decision needed to make a difference and the importance of their stewardship in conservation.

PA Game Commission: Peregrine Falcon Management Plan

When the streaming falconcam restarts after the banding, the chicks will be back in the nest with identification “bracelets” on their legs. Thanks to their bands we will have the opportunity to follow these chicks as adults.

(photo from the National Aviary snapshot camera at Univ of Pittsburgh)

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