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‘Paralyzed’ Canine Discovered Amongst The Trash With His Again Legs Tied Collectively

Animal Aid Unlimited discovered a stray dog with an injured spine sitting in a pile of trash. For some reason, someone had tied his back legs together. Rescuers rushed the paralyzed pup to their hospital right away for treatment.


Source and Image Screenshot: Animal Aid Unlimited, India via YouTube


Though they couldn’t find any injuries, his whole body was stiff from the agony. That he could feel anything in all his legs was a very positive sign. The little dog looked so content while eating that they named him Comfy. But maybe they shouldn’t have gotten too attached quite yet…


Source and Image Screenshot: Animal Aid Unlimited, India via YouTube


The dog required weeks of physiotherapy to heal, but he gradually started exhibiting more energy. Comfy didn’t want anyone near him at first, growling and barking when someone tried to touch him. However, his caretakers knew that patience would be the key. They began taking soft and slow approaches with him, building up his trust again until he loved his therapy sessions! And after five months had passed, Comfy was finally able to stand and walk on his own once more.


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