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New Troubles for Zorro’s Zecurity – Angel Canine Diary

We have had a complete change of fortune lately, every day clients are revoking their contracts with Zorro’s Zecurity on a get out clause valid within the first 30 days. The sales dogs said they had to put that in to get clients to sign up.

“How do you think you get customers for security in a safe place like Doggy Heaven? We gave the clients one tin of Toff’s Select lamb flavor for signing up for a year’s contract. They had 30 days to decide if this was working for them. If the client was not satisfied, they could get out of the contract and keep the sign-on tin. This is how we sold so much, we made it risk free for the customers!”

The sales team seemed very proud. “And we took the sign-on gift from our own bonus of 5 tins. It was our own sacrifice!”

“But Zorro’s Zecurity are losing on this deal,” I whined. We paid you 5 tins for each contract that are now being cancelled! The sales dogs said the problem was not theirs, and maybe we should have provided a better service and they pointed out the recent theft of snacks.

“The company told us to sell, sell, sell, and that is what we did. The profits for Zorro’s Zecurity is your problem, we are sales dogs!” They took their bonuses and left.

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