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New Child Let Out Unhappy Scream, Confused Canine Drew Nearer In & Mother Gulped

There is nothing more delightful than the bond between a dog and a child.  This bond can be established early on, but most new parents are frightened when their baby first arrives home. When it’s their first kid, many parents worry that their dog, who is clearly the family’s first baby, will get jealous or angry. It’s an inevitable shift that has to go as smoothly as possible.


In this video, the parents include their beloved dog Danbi in all aspects of parenthood. They also included their cat! The gender reveal begins with a box of pink onesies. The parents were very creative and used the smell of both themselves and their baby to scent the clothing. After that, they let Danbi and their cat sniff out the scent of their new sister.



Image/Story Source Credit: Golden Danbi via YouTube Video




Many people do this, but it’s just as essential to praise the dog when she responds with good emotions, such as a tail wag. Which Danbi did! Her father makes sure to give her plenty of “good girls” and pats on the head. Danbi knows that her positive attitude is appreciated by her parents. Well done, Danbi!




Image/Story Source Credit: Golden Danbi via YouTube Video




When the new parents return with the infant, they bring him into her room while she is still slumbering in her car seat. Danbi is left on one side of the gate. She may examine the baby and realize that he has arrived to stay. She can also associate the smell from the car seat with whatever was in the onesies.




Image/Story Source Credit: Golden Danbi via YouTube Video




The next step is for Danbi’s parents to recognize that she is kind and calm, at which point it’s time to place the baby and her doggie sister in the same room. Fingers crossed everything will go as planned. Danbi lets out a wail when she hears the infant stirring about. It’s louder than the other cries. Danbi gazes at her mother and father with a look on her face that says, “Help my sister!” It was precisely what Danbi’s parents wanted to see happen. Danbi already has a close connection with the infant.




Image/Story Source Credit: Golden Danbi via YouTube Video




It only gets better from here! Danbi is as mild-mannered as they come. When her mother holds her sister, she even nuzzles her head against her. It’s impossible to find something that’s more adorable than this! We’re overjoyed that Danbi connected with her sister right away and without any issues. Check out the video below to watch the full story and be sure to view it all the way to the end!



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