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Mother Sees Child Sleeping ‘Blissfully’ However A Tiny Nostril Pops Up From Underneath The Blanket

The most devoted and greatest pals are dogs, according to many youngsters. Children who live with dogs have the better cognitive ability and exhibit greater social conduct, according to studies. Dogs are actually happier when they’re around children.


Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: TheDodo via YouTube Video

In this video, we see adorable glimpses of the endearing bond shared between kids and their dogs. It seems as if these wonderful dogs would do anything to stay close to their tiny humans. One particular dog even hatches a brilliant plan to escape his mom’s watchful eyes and cuddle with his human sibling during naptime.

Kids who have a dog by their side never have to worry about finding a playmate, as dogs are always ready to play along with their innocent games. Whether it is a water sprinkler shower, a walk through the neighborhood, or an exercise in cart-pulling, dogs are up for almost any adventure with their little ones!


Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: TheDodo via YouTube Video


We just love how one dog in this video is overwhelmed with emotions when his baby brother runs to give him a hug. This is unconditional love in so many ways. No wonder dogs are seen as gentle protectors and guardian angels of little humans! We could watch these cuties forever.

Click the video below to watch these innocence-filled clips of tiny kids and their loving dogs!


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