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Mother Brings House Child And Her Canines Undertake Him As Their Personal

Maui and Ruby, the sweetest dogs, met baby Eric as soon as he came home from the hospital. The love they felt for him was instant, but their love grew even more as days went by. They quickly became Eric’s guardians.

Screenshot via YouTube

The dogs watched Eric as he slept to ensure he was safe. They snuggled with him whenever they could. They took in his scent and all the love he had in his precious baby heart. They knew Eric would grow up and love them right back.

Screenshot via YouTube

Eric only knew life with Ruby and Maui because they were by his side constantly. As the baby became more aware of his surroundings, he was able to give the dogs the love they gave him. Maui, the Golden Retriever, enjoyed keeping Eric company during bath time. It’s so darn cute!

Screenshot via YouTube

Ruby’s favorite “Eric” activity is riding with him in his wagon. Through every adventure, the two dogs are Team Eric all the way. The video below is way too cute to miss. Life is better with dogs, don’t you think?

Screenshot via YouTube

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