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Money to the Rescue – Angel Canine Diary

“I am going to resolve the crisis of low pay and cash flow problems,” said Cash. I am going to issue Tin Bonds. Each bond is worth 10 tins and cost 2 tins. For every bond we sell, we get an additional 8 tins!”

“It is genius, I am a genius!”

The dogs ran to their stacks of savings to buy the good value bonds and so the price of the bonds quickly increased, first to 3 tins, an hour later to 4 tins, and then to 5, 6, and 7 tins!

“We are in business again,” howled Cash. “Because I am such a genius, I am sure you all agree I can have a bonus of 30% of the incoming tins. The rest will go out in the economy to pay all the outstanding salaries. Everyone wins.”

All the dogs danced and cheered for Cash. The dogs that bought the bonds made huge profits, (especially the early investors) and most dogs got a promised pay increase. The new tins in circulation taken from savings paid the outstanding salaries. The economy is good!

Dear Diary, I must be stupid, but I wonder where those tins promised in the bonds came from? What am I not getting?

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