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Merry Christmas! – Angel Canine Diary

Last year, we had an extravagant Christmas party at Zorros’ Zecurity. This year, we were lower key, celebrating with the other dogs at the park. Loba and I got everything on our wish lists, but Zotto did not get a car, or a motorbike or a bird feeder. He was a little disappointed I think, but Loba gave him red socks that she had knitted herself! They were a little uneven, I thought, but Zorro liked them a lot. Loba offered to claw speed stripes on his Mustang, but Zorro said it was not necessary. He did get his leather driving gloves, a new collar and the police whistle!

I hear that celebrations were a little restrained at TiT’s. The employees were each given an offer to work for free. Cash and Toff and the rest of the board awarded themselves a Christmas bonus for saving on the party.

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