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Members Demand NRHA Board Present Proof of Drug Testing

With the recent ruling allowing the use of an off-label sedative 30 minutes, prior to competition by the NRHA (National Reining Horse Association) members are calling into question the conduct of the Board of Directors.

For years, the NRHA has promoted and charged competitors for drug testing but there is little to no evidence of test results, fines or consistency of testing. Many members state they have been showing for years and have never been tested. Others state they have seen testers for a few hours on the first day of a 4-5 day show only. Typically testing horses in the lower ranked classes.

With the spotlight clearly, on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee, a formal request has been sent for evidence to be provided and we, like hundreds of other members, want to see that evidence produced.

Where is the testing evidence?

As the NRHA is an association owned by the members, this information should be forthcoming. Should it not be provided it will bring into question, or validate for many, the drug testing system of the association. See the letter to the board below.

Is charging for testing and not providing the service legal?

It should also come into question that members are being charged a fee for testing, and then the lack of provision of said testing should result in a refund. This is an undelivered service that has been paid for by the member.

The current rules in Section 5. Management Procedures state:
(a) Testing fees will be applied as described in the NRHA Animal Welfare & Medications Policy and NRHA European Region Animal Welfare & Medications Policy.
(b) Show management must forward to NRHA a sum representing the above fee times the number of horses entered in the nonexempt classes of the event, plus the number of horses scratched        where the fee is not refunded.
(c) Event management must cooperate with the veterinarian and/or his agents.

This section does infer that all horses are intended to be tested and reconciliation of testing of all animals is to be provided to the NRHA. Clearly from membership feedback, this is not occurring.

Time for the NRHA practices to be scrutinized


Please support the discovery of testing information.

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