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Matchy-matchy units for each horse and rider

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  • It’s no secret that the matchy-matchy trend is popular with a wide range of equestrians and not just the social-media savvy younger riders. It’s been popular for a while now and with ever-expanding options it looks like matchy-matchy sets are here to stay.

    Matchy-matchy sets are a step up from co-ordinating cross-country colours. They look super-smart and you can choose from a wide range of colours to suit your horse and your personality. There are so many options to choose from – if you’re keeping it subtle (and on a budget) you can opt for a matching base layer and saddle pad. While on the other end of the spectrum, you can add ear bonnets, bandages, hat silks and even headcollars or grooming kits for a complete matching wardrobe.

    It’s worth noting that some brands have much wider range of products within a collection than others, so if you’re looking to create a full wardrobe then this is something worth considering. It’s easy to get carried away, but it can be fun saving up for the latest colours, too. Jump down for a selection of matchy-matchy sets all in one place to help you find the perfect set for you.

    What colour matchy-matchy set should I choose?

    With such an extensive choice of colours available, it can be tricky to decide which shade and tone will look best on you and work well with your horse.

    Your matchy-matchy set should show your – and your horse’s – personality. There are plenty of options if you like bright and bold, while if you prefer more muted tones and just want a smart and stylish look, there’s a good selection of these to choose from, too.

    Some coat colours lend themselves to particular set colours – and while there is an exception to every rule, these tips should give you a steer in the right direction. If you have a personal favourite colour that you think might not work with your horse, it’s worth shopping around for different shades as you might find a lighter, brighter, deeper, warmer or cooler version that looks completely different and complimentary.

    Grey – anything you choose will stand out well – notice how many of the brands featured below use grey horses as their models!

    Dark brown or black – any bright or light colour will probably contrast nicely with his coat. Bright colours show up best in photos, too – while navy looks smart, it will never pop like a bright sky blue will.

    Bay – the brighter (and more red) your horse’s coat, the less red you want in the set, so avoid reds, oranges and dark pinks. Darker bays go nicely with a wider range of colours, and some suit red, too.

    Chestnut – for the same reason as bright bays, it’s wise to avoid red and opt for darker greens and blues instead.

    Palomino or dun – these horses stand out and turn heads anyway, so a darker or more muted tone works better than it does on many other coat colours. As long as it’s not clashy, duns and palominos can wear most colours well.

    Best matchy-matchy sets for horse and rider

    Woof Wear Colour Fusion Collection

    Set colours: Lilac, berry, black, British racing green, brushed steel, electric blue, navy, ocean, royal red, Shiraz, turquoise, ultra violet, sunshine yellow or white | Rider sizes: XS–XL | Horse sizes: Pony of full (saddle pads), S–L (fly veil), XS–XL (boots) |

    This collection from Woof Wear has a range of 14 core colours to choose from that aren’t going anywhere any time soon, which means you can keep adding to your collection over time if you’re saving up. Woof Wear also have a smaller Vision collection, which uses satin fabrics and is available in 10 colours. The Colour Fusion matchy-matchy set includes…

    Woof Wear Colour Fusion Ocean matchy-matchy set

    • GP, jump or dressage saddle pads (£39.99)
    • fly veil (£18.99)
    • brushing boots (£21.99)
    • long-sleeved top (£39.99)
    • short-sleeved top (£34.99)
    • hat cover (£12.99)
    • whip (£12.49)
    • headcollar (£21.99)
    • leadrope (£7.99)

    View the GP saddle pad at,,, or
    View the jump saddle pad at,, or
    View the dressage saddle pad at,, or
    View the fly veil at,, or
    View the brushing boots at,, or
    View the long-sleeved top at,,, or
    View the short-sleeved top at
    View the hat cover at,,, or
    View the whip at,, or
    View the headcollar at,, or
    View the leadrope at,, or

    Hy Sport Active collection matchy matchy setHy Sport Active Collection

    Set colours: Midnight navy, rosette red, amethyst purple, coral rose, sky blue, spearmint green, terracotta orange, Aegean green, bubblegum pink, pencil point grey or emerald green | Rider sizes: XS–XL | Horse sizes: Pony/cob or full, or S–L |

    The matchy-matchy sets from Hy Equestrian come in a wide range of bold colours. It has a really good selection of products in the collection, so it’s easy to mix and match the products that you want to use. The set includes…

    Hy Active Coral matchy-matchy set

    • baselayer (£29.99)
    • sleeveless top (£22.99)
    • hat silk with interchangeable pom pom (£16.99)
    • fly veil (£19.99)
    • GP, jump or dressage saddle pads (£34.99)
    • brushing boots (£24.99 for a pair)
    • overreach boots (£19.99)
    • bandages (£20.99)
    • head collar (£21.99)
    • socks (£19.99 for a pack of three)

    Grooming bags and individual brushes are also available.

    View the baselayer at,, or
    View the sleeveless top at, or
    View the hat silk at, or
    View the fly veil at,, or
    View the saddle pads at, or
    View the brushing boots at or
    View the overreach boots at
    View the bandages at, or
    View the headcollar at, or
    View the socks at, or

    Weatherbeeta Marble Swirl matchy matchy set

    WeatherBeeta Marble Swirl Collection

    Set colours: Pink, blue, turquoise, blue/orange or purple | Rider sizes: XXS–XXL | Horse sizes: Pony or full |

    This funky set from WeatherBeeta stands out from other matchy-matchy sets because it’s patterned. The set includes…

    Weatherbeeta Marble Swirl turquoise matchy-matchy set

    • long-sleeved top (£39.99)
    • short-sleeved top (£37.99)
    • hat silk (£19.99)
    • GP, jump or dressage saddle pads (£47.99)
    • ear bonnet (£27.50)
    • fleece bandages (£29.99 for a set of four)

    View the long-sleeved top at,,, or
    View the short-sleeved top at,,, or
    View the hat silk at,, or
    View the saddle pads at,,, or
    View the ear bonnet at,,, or
    View the bandages at,,, or

    LeMieux Collection matchy-matchy set

    LeMieux Collection

    Set colours: Hunter green, chilli red, black, slate grey, ice blue, Benetton blue, ink blue, peacock, mulberry, plum, sage, bluebell, watermelon or papaya | Rider sizes: UK 4–18 | Horse sizes: Small/medium or large (saddle pads) or S–XL |

    The LeMieux matchy-matchy sets are pretty extensive and are available in 11 core colours – additional seasonal colours are usually released in spring and autumn (the current ones are bluebell, watermelon and papaya), and there are occasionally some special releases, too. You might also find some items available in other discontinued colours, and likewise additional products available in a smaller selection of colours. LeMieux also has a Loire collection, which uses a satin material and comes at a higher price point. The main classic set includes…

    LeMieux bluebell matchy-matchy set

    • base layer (£39.95)
    • sleeveless polo (£34.50)
    • hat silk (£22.95)
    • GP/dressage/jump suede saddle pad (£44.95)
    • classic fly hood (£29.95)
    • Grafter brushing boots (£24.95 for a pair)

    View the base layer at, or
    View the sleeveless polo at, or
    View the hat silk at, or
    View the GP saddle pad at, or
    View the dressage saddle pad at, or
    View the jump saddle pad at, or
    View the fly hood at, or
    View the brushing boots at, or

    Shires Hyde Park Collection matchy-matchy set

    Shires Hyde Park Collection

    Set colours: Midnight, pink spot, orange spot or amethyst | Rider sizes: XXS–XXL | Horse sizes: Pony or full |

    These sets from Shires come in a range of fun patterns. They include…

    Shires Aubrion Hyde Park matchy-matchy set

    • base layer (£32.99)
    • hat cover (£17.99)
    • saddle pad (£39.99)
    • socks (£6.50 for a pair)

    View the base layer at,, or
    View the hat cover at,, or
    View the saddle pad at, or
    View the socks at, or

    Harry Hall x Protechmasta matchy matchy set in jade

    Harry Hall x Masta Protechmasta Collection

    Set colours: Jade or rose | Rider sizes: UK 8–18 | Horse sizes: Pony or full (saddle pad) or pony, cob, full or extra-full (fly veil) |

    This set is a combination of Harry Hall and Masta products. Available in two smart colours, this set is the only one that comes with a matching soundproof fly veil. The set includes…

    • Harry Hall base layer (£19.95)
    • Harry Hall hat silk (£12.95)
    • Protechmasta GP/dressage saddle pad (£84.95)
    • Protechmasta soundproof fly veil (£42.95)

    View the base layer at
    View the GP saddle pad at
    View the dressage pad at
    View the fly veil at

    Mark Todd Collection matchy set

    Mark Todd Collection

    Set colours: Navy or burgundy | Rider sizes: XS–XL | Horse sizes: Full |

    This set from Mark Todd is great if you’re looking for a more muted tone and only want a couple of matching items. The set includes…

    • quilted saddle pad (£29.99)
    • hat silk (£15.99)
    • base layer (£29.99)
    • softshell fleece jacket (£79.99)

    View the saddle pad at or
    View the hat silk at
    View the base layer at
    View the softshell jacket at

    Ponyo Ultimate Sparkle matchy-matchy set

    Ponyo Ultimate Sparkle Set

    Set colours: Blush pink, ruby red, oak green, deep purple, sapphire blue or onyx black | Horse sizes: Mini, small pony, pony, cob or full |

    This set from Ponyo can be purchased as individual items or as a complete eight-part set (from £179). While it doesn’t include anything for the rider to wear, it has everything you could possibly want for your horse and is available in some additional small sizes. It includes…

    • bridle with crystal browband (from £49.99)
    • reins (£22)
    • fly veil (£19.99)
    • saddle pad (from £35.99)
    • brushing boots (from £39.99)
    • overreach boots (from £12)
    • exercise bandages (from £19.99)
    • headcollar (from £29.99)

    SXC Collection matchy-matchy set

    SXC Collection

    Set colours: Purple, teal, burgundy, bottle green, navy, black, royal or grey | Rider sizes: XXS–XXL | Horse sizes: Pony or full |

    This set from SXC is available in eight colours options and includes…

    SXC burgundy matchy-matchy set

    • base layer (£25)
    • hat silk (from £20)
    • saddle pad (£40)
    • fly veil (£15)

    Equiline matchy matchy set

    Equiline Collection

    Set colours: Cyclamen (pink), olive or teal | Rider sizes: S–L | Horse sizes: Full |

    This set from Equiline is pricier than other sets in this guide, but it is super-smart. It includes…

    Equiline teal matchy-matchy set

    • softshell jacket (£228)
    • full-seat breeches (£192)
    • saddle pad (£110)
    • ear bonnet (£54)
    • fleece bandages (£27 for a pair)
    • cap (£32)

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