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Man Cried “I Gained His Belief. Now I’m Backstabbing Him”, And Sadly Let Him Go

A kind human made a difficult phone call to Hope for PAWS and told them about two homeless Pit Bulls they had been caring for near their home. They couldn’t adopt them because they had a little dog already and they didn’t want the dogs to be lonely or traumatized, so they called an animal lover automatically. The male is especially scared of humans, but with time the kind man gained his trust.


Image Source Credit: Hope For Paws (YouTube Video)


As helpers from Hope For Paws and the Good Samaritan approach the victimized dogs, their special canine ally comes closer and approaches them, fearless and unfazed. As she eats her human’s snacks she wags her tail happily. She knows people mean well. The male dog in the back is worried but he can’t help but be curious.


Image Source Credit: Hope For Paws (YouTube Video)


He loves the two dogs, the rescue later names George and Irene.’ He wanted to bring them home with him so badly. In fact, he feels because the male dog has such a hard time with people and only trusts him, he’s betraying him by allowing the rescue to take him.



Image Source Credit: Hope For Paws (YouTube Video)


The kind man begins to cry. “I feel so horrible. I gained his trust and now I’m backstabbing him.” He pets his head and continues, “I’m sorry, bro. I’m so sorry, okay?” It really is quite a heartwarming and heartbreaking scene. He knows the two dogs will go on to a better life but he’s so conflicted about parting with them. He loves them dearly and has fed them and loved them up as much as he could.


Image Source Credit: Hope For Paws (YouTube Video)


While George and Irene lived on the street, neighborhood kids threw rocks at them and called them names. It wasn’t a way for any dog to live. The kind man knows, it just breaks his heart to see them go.

The rescuers take both dogs to the vehicle. Irene is George’s emotional support. She stays beside him. Inside the car, George is crated and Irene lays right outside his crate, guarding her favorite friend. Irene is all smiles. She knows she’s headed towards a better life and has her best friend with her to celebrate.


Image Source Credit: Hope For Paws (YouTube Video)


Back at the rescue center, the dogs enjoy a nice bath. Then they get medical exams. The most astonishing thing of all happens: George is diagnosed with bone cancer! Because it was caught when it is, he’s able to have life-saving surgery. That kind man SAVED George’s life! In more ways than one!


Image Source Credit: Hope For Paws (YouTube Video)


The vet had to amputate one of George’s legs in order for cancer not to spread, but he will be okay. Dogs do very well on three legs. In fact, some can run faster than dogs on four!

When George is well enough to be released from the medical center, he’s reunited with his girlfriend. When Irene sees George, her tail and happy cries say it all!


Image Source Credit: Hope For Paws (YouTube Video)


Both pups are getting excellent care. They’re being taught how to be pets rather than ‘street dogs.’ George is starting to warm up to everyone he meets. He’s beginning to understand that most people are good and it’s okay to trust them. George and Irene are a bonded pair and will only be adopted out together.

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