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Mama & Puppies Take Shelter In A Cardboard Field To Survive The Bitter Chilly

Living life as a stray dog on the street is downright difficult. But it can be unbearably brutal when facing the bitter cold with a litter of newborn babies depending on you. That’s exactly why rescuers raced to save a new mama and her puppies from life on the shivery street. 

Once she was spotted cuddled up in a cardboard box under a car with her puppies, rescuers sprang into action. 


The video of their rescue was shared to social media and received millions of views and thousands of likes. The viral video begins with a super-close shot of mama all curled up inside the cardboard box with her pups. 

Then, her sweet savior approaches the mama dog with a bowl of food and a small crate. He immediately presents mama with the opportunity to eat, and she doesn’t hesitate to take food from his hand. 

It’s a sure sign that she’s starting to trust him. Then, he tries to slowly slip a harness around her neck, but she startles when he scoots the box out from under the car.

Mama keeps a close eye on her pups and supervises from a short distance away as each is delicately removed from the box and placed in the carrier. But she is keen to come closer after she hears their tiny cries.

Again, the rescuer slowly approaches her, aiming to gain her trust. He takes a few moments to give her some loving pets and is finally able to remove her from the cold street.

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Under Car

Despite her having the instinctive need to protect her babies, she is friendly towards her loving savior. Then, before they head off, he reunites the mama dog with her precious puppies. 

The rescuer shows genuine love and gentleness during the entire process, but especially as he gives each puppy a tiny kiss on the head before placing them in the crate with their devoted mom. Together they lay and nurse, clearly happy to be back together. Once they arrive at the shelter, the rescuer makes sure they are nestled together and that they were comfortable and cozy.

Now, the beautiful mama and her large litter are being showered with love at their foster home, where they will stay until they’ve grown-up enough to be adopted into loving homes.

Check-out the super sweet video, below!  

Featured Image: YouTube

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