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Local weather Change Protests – Angel Canine Diary

Goldie, the retired HR manager is active in the Climate Change movement and has organized a protest. She is good at motivating dogs, so there is a big crowd.

“We Want Climate Change,” they shouted, and Goldie egged them on with a megaphone in her paw. “What Do We Want,” she barked. “We Want Global Warming,” the crowd yelled loudly, “We Want Global Warming, We Want Climate Change”. The racket went on for about 10 minutes until a Whippet whispered something into Goldie’s ear.

Goldie started shouting again: “We are against Climate Change, Stop Global Warming!”

The crowd responded, “We Are Against Climate Change, Stop Global Warming! We Are Against Climate Change, Stop Global Warming!”

I don’t like noise, so I was glad when they moved on.

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