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Loba is Advised Off – Angel Canine Diary

The company has a lot of new work and Loba has been doing all the patrolling and security for Zorro’s Zecurity by herself, and she is tired, working day and night and she has not had any time off. I am working all hours with the accounts and administrating contracts, and we never see the managers, they are always in meetings or business lunches or at corporate events.

Zorro suggested that she ask the Climate Change Assistant and the Charity Support Administrator to help out with the patrolling, and they reluctantly agreed as long it would not interfere with their scheduled spa sessions, or lunch.

Before going out to the field, the new assistant dogs were issued with company safety gear, two-way radios, night goggles and reflective vests. It was all nicely branded with Zorro’s Zecurity logos and their names. The assistants posed for photos in their cool gear and posted it on Instadog.

Loba did not say anything but she was a bit irritated because she had been doing the work all along without all this stuff. (She also did not get an ergonomic assessment and a new bed; it is only for administrators).

But before they ever went to a security site, Loba got called into Goldie’s office.

“I have received complaints,” Goldie said, “you are making the young staff uncomfortable.” Loba was perplexed, what could she possibly have done wrong?

“You are asking them to do patrol work,” clarified Goldie. “They are not here to do security work.”

Loba asked who would do all the patrolling for the new contracts. Goldie said that Loba was exaggerating her role in the company. “You need to be more respectful of others, control what you say, that sort of thing,” Goldie said.

And that was that. No one did night patrol that night, Loba respected herself, controlled her voice by not speaking, and went home to sleep.

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