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Little Lady Turns into Her Canine’s Lawyer And Defends Him Towards Mother’s Accusation

Samson the Newfoundland is a well-mannered dog who seldom causes difficulties. However, those shredded pillows that appear around the home occasionally cause Mother to get angry with him.

Fortunately, Samson has his little sister Sierra on his side, utilizing her legal expertise as an expert attorney – his adorable younger sister! 😂


Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube Video

Sierra dotes on Samson, and would not tolerate anyone chastising her giant furry brother when she is around. So when Mom confronts Samson for chewing up the pillows, Sierra immediately intervenes to stand up for him!


Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube Video

Like a cunning lawyer, Sierra argues his case by putting up impenetrable defenses that leave Mom tongue-tied! Sierra’s go-to argument is the fact that there’s no “evidence” or “witness” to confirm that Samson did chew up the pillow.


Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube Video

But when Mom asks her about the “actual culprit”, she cleverly shifts the blame to the pesky “birds and squirrels”. While Samson’s sorry eyes give away his guilt, Sierra makes sure he gets away with it hassle-free!

Click the video below to watch Sierra switching into animal-rights’-attorney-mode as she defends Samson!


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