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Life-Saving Search And Rescue Canine Frida Passes Away A Hero

Frida, the search and rescue dog, became famous following the magnitude 7.1 earthquake that hit Mexico City in 2017. The earthquake left the city in shambles, with hundreds dead and thousands injured. Frida didn’t find bodies immediately after this natural disaster, but she went on to have a very successful career. She had lots of humans cheering her on because of her adorable goggles and booties.

During her career, Frida saved the lives of 12 humans and located 43 bodies. But sadly, the pup passed away in 2022, causing everyone to reflect on the amazing work she did while on the job.


A Life-Saving Career

After the 2017 earthquake, Frida’s face was used in murals and shared across the internet. After all, it’s hard to resist a pup wearing “Doggles.” However, her outfit was for more than fashion. The goggles protected her eyes from debris while her booties prevented her from stepping on sharp objects.

Frida did rescue work in Mexico, Haiti, and Ecuador following natural disasters. She was one of several working dogs that could squeeze into small spaces and sniff out humans both alive and dead. Frida risked her life to save these humans, and her efforts didn’t go unnoticed.

Frida wearing goggles and booties

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In 2018, a statue of Frida and her trainer was placed in Puebla, Mexico, to honor the pup. The following year, Frida retired at 10 years old so she could enjoy the rest of her life as a pampered pooch.

On November 15th, 2022, the Mexican Navy announced in a press release that Frida had passed away. It was a bittersweet ending because the pup went peacefully, but she will still be missed terribly.

Frida passes away

Rest in Peace, Frida

The Navy shared that Frida passed away at 13 years old due to an illness that’s typical for her age. Many people are heartbroken by this news, but they’re also grateful that Frida lived a long and successful life.

Frida’s ashes will be placed in an urn at the base of her statue so people can stop by to pay their respects. Her caregivers, who welcomed her into their home in her final years, were the first to say their goodbyes.

Frida putting boots on

“In tribute to the extraordinary work you had as a member of our noble institution. In gratitude for the affection and love that you continue to sow to our Great Naval Family, in millions of Mexican men and women, and beyond our borders. Your life motivates us to continue giving everything to serve Mexico. Thank you dear Frida!” the statue reads.

Thank you for all your hard work, Frida. You will be missed greatly!

Watch Frida in Action:

Featured Image: Facebook

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