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Large Rescue Canine Will get A Purchasing Spree Plus A Particular Shock From Santa

Some dogs have difficulty finding a forever home simply because of their size, age, or both. A Great Dane named Goliath arrived at a rescue at nine years old, which is very old for a dog of his size. On top of that, he was severely malnourished, so he needed extra love and care from volunteers.

Sadly, adopters weren’t lining up to give the giant senior dog a loving home. But everyone who helped care for him could tell he was a special dog. So, when a surprising adopter came forward to give him a forever home, Santa was the one to give him the life-changing news!


Gentle Giant Picks His Christmas Gifts

Tye Friis, the founder of Reversed Rescue in California, took care of Goliath during his time at the shelter. He said a family backed a U-Haul up at the rescue, and Goliath was in the back. They turned him in, and at the time, he was just skin and bones. So, Friis wanted to spoil him as much as possible.

Once Goliath was in good shape, Friis decided to give him a special day with the help of Rocky Kanaka, a famous pet rescue advocate. They took him to a pet supply store, and Kanaka promised to buy anything the dog’s nose touched. Since Goliath is taller than most dogs, it was easy for his nose to touch a lot of stuff!

Goliath picked out some toys, wet dog food, and a bone that was bigger than his head. When he came across buckets of treats that you could fill a bag with, he began sampling them as if they were part of a buffet. Friis had to pull him away before he ate them all. Of course, Kanaka had no choice but to fill bags with lots of those treats for Goliath.

Pouring treats for Great Dane

By the end of the adventure, Goliath had a cart full of dog supplies. He had collected everything on his wish list, except for one crucial item: a forever home!

Santa Reveals One Last Surprise!

The shopping trip was only the beginning of Goliath’s special surprises. On a later date, Kanaka spent the whole day setting up a room for dog meet-and-greets with Santa. Of course, Friis was eager to have Goliath meet Santa. But before it happened, Friis told Kanaka that Goliath had an adopter lined up.

When Kanaka asked who was going to adopt Goliath, Friis said he was. The gentle giant had filled a large hole in his heart, and the pup seemed bonded to him. So, Friis knew that it was time to give the sweet dog the perfect forever home.

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Santa tells dog he's getting adopted

Goliath entered Santa’s room through the curtains, and he eagerly sat on Santa’s lap. Santa gave the good boy some special dog cookies to let him know that he’s on the nice list this year. Santa comforted Goliath and cuddled with him, but then he revealed that he had a special surprise for the pup.

On cue, Friis came through the curtains to greet Goliath, and the rescue dog immediately ran to him. Santa told Goliath that Friis is his adopter. In response, Goliath leaned in for some cuddles from Friis as if he knew exactly what was happening. His biggest Christmas wish had finally come true!

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