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Issues to know earlier than shopping for CBD merchandise on your canine

Once you have decided that you need CBD for your dog, the ideal way to purchase CBD products would be to go online and look for the best products. However, you must conduct thorough research before choosing the products, and there are multiple factors to consider.

Here are five crucial things you should know about CBD and dogs.
1. Check the lab tests

Before considering a CBD product, you must check whether it has cleared independent lab testing. While browsing the website, you must look out for the Certificate of Analysis on the website and the label of the products.

Certificate of Analysis is issued to a brand once they clear microbial trial, heavy metals test, and pesticides test. But, if you cannot find any lab tests or COA on the brand’s website, it is a red flag. You must buy CBD products only from sources that have been through definitive lab tests and have gathered a COA.

If you are confused, you must seek advice from your fellow pet parents who have used CBD for their dogs, or you must discuss it with the veterinarian.

2. You must choose CBD products that do not contain THC

As you might know, THC is a psychoactive chemical that can induce the feeling of being high. It is a chemical compound in the plant that is highly potent, but it is used for pain management and rejuvenation for humans, and there are little to no studies done about THC on dogs. On the other hand, the benefits of CBD have been explored, and currently, researchers are working to find more plausible use-cases for the natural substance.

However, a small percentage of THC in CBD extracted from the plants is well-contained within the legal limit of 0.3 percent. However, even the slightest CBD is harmful to dogs, and you must check appropriately if the CBD products have zero THC content. Do not ever give your dogs any product that has THC content.

3. Do not use hemp oil
CBD is a substance that is in the hemp plant, and the extracted compound is bent with fish oil for proper ingestion. The fish oil serves as a carrier for your CBD oil. On the other hand, some brands might sell you hemp oil that contains no CBD. Hemp oil does not have any health benefits for your dogs, unlike CBD. As long as the hemp oil contains some content of CBD, it will be beneficial for your dog’s health.

4. Read up on the spectrum of CBD
CBD is a complex substance. There are multiple spectrums that it comes in. But, for your dogs, you must only choose the CBD product that is a broad-spectrum CBD. It is the primary form of cannabidiol, rich with all the naturally occurring compounds derived from the plant, without any THC concentration.

5. Consider the dosage
The dosage you must administer to your dog depends on the pet’s weight. For instance, you can give up to 0.20ml of CBD oil to large dog breeds only if they weigh above 50lbs. You must seek consultation from the veterinarian to determine the adequate amount of dose for the dog.

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