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Husky Walks 6 Miles Via The Snow To Shoplift Herself An Early Vacation Deal with

The countdown to Christmas can be excruciating. Especially if you have a very specific request from Santa. So when a Siberian Husky simply couldn’t wait another minute for her annual Christmas Bone, she decided to procure one herself. 

So she slipped out of her yard, walked six miles both ways, and shoplifted the same bone she usually gets in her stocking. 


This is the type of story that you have to see to believe, because it sounds more like something you’d see in a movie or on TV, as opposed to in real life. But luckily for us, and the multiple managers who saw the spectacle for themselves, store surveillance cameras captured it all. 

In the surveillance video, you can clearly see a Siberian Husky scurry inside the store. She enters the supermarket’s double doors with so much confidence that you’d swear she’s done it a thousand times before. Once she crosses the threshold, she makes a direct beeline for aisle 16.

Despite never having been to the store before, she knew exactly where the dog bones were shelved for sale. Once she made her selection and started heading towards the door, she was approached by the store manager. He told her to “Drop it,” but she didn’t stop. She was on a mission to make it home with her prize. 


Not only did Akira make a clean getaway with her treasured treat, but she had to walk six miles, both ways, in the snow, and cross under two freeways to get there and back. 

Akira lives in Cottonwood Heights, a long way away from the Murray grocery store… ‘She’s a roamer. She likes to get out and roam, and nothing will keep her inside,” said John Stirling, her doggy dad.

There is an electronic fence installed on her property that is supposed to give her collar a little zap if she starts to skedaddle. But it either wasn’t working or simply didn’t deter her on the day she escaped.

Returning To The Scene Of The Crime 

Once Akira’s dad discovered that she had a new doggy bone that he didn’t buy, he was determined to make it right. So he brought her back to the scene of the crime. And while they were there, they decided to do a little experiment. He let Akira off her leash, to see exactly what she would do. 

Sure enough, she scampered straight to aisle 16, and scooped up another one of the same exact treats. (Talk about a one track mind.)

Though, this time, Akira stopped at the cash register, and didn’t dash out the door.  Her dad bought her a brand new bone, but paid double, so he could cover the cost of the stolen merchandise. 

You can check-out a video of this sensational story, below.

Featured Image: YouTube

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