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Hurricane Rain | Exterior My Window

Hurricane Ian spins northward (GOES East satellite Great Lakes sector, 30 Sept 2022, 3:40am to 5:30am from NOAA)

30 September 2022, 6am

After wrecking a swath of Florida, Hurricane Ian popped out over the Atlantic Ocean, gained strength, and is bearing down on the Carolina’s. Though Pittsburgh is quite far inland we will see the remnants of Hurricane Ian’s rain on Saturday.

Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts, Continental US, 30 Sept to 3 Oct 2022 (maps from NOAA)

Pittsburgh will receive less than an inch of precipitation because Ian is tracking south of here. Fortunately this is far different from our experience of Hurricane Agnes 50 years ago.

(maps and animation from NOAA; click on the captions to see the originals)

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