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Hooch The Nice Dane Appears Higher In Crocs Than Any Human Ever

Great Danes have some of the biggest paws in the canine world, so it’s no wonder they have a hard time finding comfortable shoes. For a pooch named Hooch, that all changed when she discovered imitation Crocs. Made of a PEVA-like material, these colorful slides help keep Hooch’s dogs from barking.

Dog mom, Holly Smith, discovered the blue canine “Crocs” online and knew Hooch had to have them to protect her tender paw pads. If nothing else, Smith knew the silly shoes would make for a fun photo shoot. She had no idea her pup would come to love them.


As soon as Smith strapped the doggy Crocs to her feet, Hooch felt the need to strut her stuff. She frequently wears boots to protect her paws from the elements, but the perforated, breathable clogs were a whole new experience.

“She was instantly excited when I put them on, and we HAD to do a test walk,” Smith told The Dodo.


Her Crocs felt so good, Hooch wanted to do more than just walk—she wanted to run!

Her electric blue feet also helped draw additional affection from her local community (even more than the pony-sized dog usually gets).

“She loves them,” Smith said. “She gets extra attention when wearing them.”


Hooch currently only has the one pair of Crocs, but she wears them all the time and is open to collecting the entire rainbow of rubber-soled dog clogs. 

While Hooch’s clogs have definitely brought her the most attention online and in real life, they are not the only stylish item in her wardrobe. 


Along with her canine and feline siblings, she enjoys dressing up for the holidays and beyond. Here she is celebrating Thanksgiving with her furry companions.


And here they are getting in the Christmas spirit with their elf costumes.


For Halloween, she leaned into her horse-like size by dressing up as a thoroughbred.


Despite her size, Hooch is truly a gentle giant. She loves meeting new people and pups (especially tiny dogs), spending time with her mom and siblings, and showing off her latest outfits.


She’s doing her best not to let her newfound fame go to her head, but she certainly loves the extra attention!


Want to see more from Hooch and her furry companions? Follow them on Facebook to see what fun, fancy outfit they’ll break out next.

Featured Images via Facebook

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