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Holy Moly It is Spring – The Different Finish of the Leash

It seems I went to sleep about a month ago and had an endless dream that I woke up in the Aleutian Islands. Days and days of forty mile an hour winds, forty degree temperatures, lots of rain. I woke up for a few days in Wisconsin, then had a nightmare that I was in Alabama in August. (Apologies, Alabama, but I am a disaster in hot humid weather.) Ninety four degrees, super humid, for days on end.

I am happy to say that I have finally awoken into my home state in May again, with temps in the 60’s and low 70’s. Low humidity, light breeze. Heaven.

However, my plans for a content-rich post have been squashed by the following To Do list, made extensive because, well, see the weather above. As a result, about 6 weeks of gardening has to happen NOW. RIGHT NOW. ALL OF IT.

Here’s a brief section of what’s on the list in my head: Weedthepeonygardenmulchthepeonygardendothedog’sPTexercisesforgiveselffornotdoingownPTexerciseswalkthedogsdotheirnailsweedthecirclegardenwaterthecontainerplantsinadvertentlykillthehousefinchbabiescuzyouthoughtthenestwasabandonedhelpsaintedhusbandcreatenewplatformfornewfinchnestkisshusbandtothankworkwithhusbandtofindplaceforbluebirdfeederkisshusbandforputtingupprepforclinicwithScottGlenloadupcardeadhead200of800daffodilsfeeddaffodilsweedthewallgardenkisshusbandforbringingmoremulchrealizehusbandprobablyneedsmorethanakissforallhishelpwalkthedogsfillsheepmineralfeederwaterinsideplantsyoualmostforgotaboutmaketheteasandwichesyoupromisedforapartywhiletheBritishBakingmusicplayscuzyouregettinglatewaternewannuals . . . Enough. Time to walk the dogs and have a gin and tonic.

There’s lots more coming in the next few weeks; I look forward to talking about it all.

MEANWHILE, a few fun photos:

This isn’t a magazine quality photo, but I grabbed it driving out to the (fantastic) Scott Glen clinic, (more on it next time). I love how it makes it obvious why they are called Red-tailed Hawks.



I thought this cutie was a grebe at first, but looked it up, and surprise, surprise, it’s a female Hooded Merganser. Not who I’d expect on a tiny pond in the middle of a sheep pasture!

I’ll leave you with the best of spring. I don’t have a lot of tulips, too high maintenance, but I so very much love the ones I have.

Have a good week, everyone. Take joy in everything that you can, no matter how small. That’s our secret to survival.


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