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He Held Her Face And Drew Her In So She May Really feel His Heartbeat

Lee from The Asher House doesn’t just foster animals in need, he opens his heart and gives them the love they’ve been lacking. When Lee first set eyes on Millie, he knew this dog had a cruel life. She was rail-thin and hesitant about everything and everybody. Millie was on her way to shutting down but she still craved human contact. This desire fueled Lee even more. Millie would make a wonderful addition to a family. Now it was time to get her healthy in every way possible.

Screenshot via YouTube

As Millie slowly made her way over to Lee as he stood outside the exam room, the compassionate man kneeled down. She walked over with her head down. But when her eyes met his, she knew this angel on earth was a good man. She lifted her head up and drew closer to him. Lee explains in the video that he pulled her toward him so she could feel his heartbeat.

Screenshot via YouTube

Lee put Millie into his car to take her to The Asher House. There, in the backseat, she closed her eyes and slept. The comfort she already felt was incredible. A peace came over her body knowing she was in loving hands. Once back at her new foster home, Millie meets the pack that’s filled with all types of animals. Her new friends are so important to her rehabilitation. The short, delightful video will give you all the feels! Thank you, Lee, for giving Millie the second chance she deserves!

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